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Dr. Hook Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s band Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show was started in the year 1968 in the area around Union City, New Jersey. In the band’s early years, they would play in clubs surrounding the “Transfer Station.” The band was founded by George Cummings and featured front man Ray Sawyer, who is called “Dr. Hook” because he wears an eye patch as the result of a serious accident. Dr. Hook is actually the name of the band, however.

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Dr. HookLyrics Sexy Eyes
Lyrics Better Love Next Time

In addition to Cummings and Sawyer, the line-up for the band’s eponymous debut album included Billy Francis on keyboards, Jay David on drums, and Dennis Locorriere, the band’s bass player and singer. “Sylvia’s Mother” was the band’s first hit single. In 1973, David would leave the band. John Wolters replaced him. Then, in the mid-70s, Cummings left the band, citing personal differences.

In the year 1983, Sawyer would leave the group in order to pursue a solo career. Dr. Hook continued to tour into the mid-80s before terminating the band with a sold out farewell tour. In 1990s, Sawyer would go on tour as “Dr. Hook featuring Ray Sawyer.” Locorriere moved to Nashville, where he began writing songs for other musicians.

The albums of Dr. Hook include Greatest Hits and More, Collection, I Got Stoned And I Missed It: The Best From Shel Silverstein 1971-1979, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show Revisited, Bankrupt, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Vintage Years, Singles, A Little Bit More, and Pleasure & Pain.

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