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Dire Straits Artist Bio and Lyrics

Dire Straits were a British rock band formed in 1977. Their musical career started in 1978 with an intensely successful debut, which sold more than 15 million copies.

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Dire StraitsLyrics Money For Nothing
Lyrics Walk Of Life

In 1980 Dire Straits released Making Movies, which sold around one million copies in the US. In 1981 they released the singles, “Romeo and Juliet,” which made it up to number 8 and “Skateaway,” which was a number 37 single.

In 1982, Dire Straits released Love Over Gold. This album only sold about a half-million copies, but contained the single, “Private Investigations,” which was a number 2 US single. Also in 1983 they released number 14 single, “Twisting By the Pool.”

Dire Straits released their last album of the 1980s in 1985 when they released Brothers in Arms. It sold around 9 million copies in the US alone, and sold 25 million worldwide. The single, “Money for Nothing,” stayed at number one in the US for three weeks, and peaked at number 4 in the UK. Other singles included, “Brothers in Arms,” and “Walk of Life.”

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