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DeBarge Artist Bio and Lyrics

DeBarge was an R&B band formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was named due the common last name among its members. The members were brothers; Mark, Randy, James, Eldra and their sister Bunny.

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DeBargeLyrics All This Love
Lyrics Time Will Reveal
Lyrics Rhythm Of The Night
Lyrics Who's Holding Donna Now

DeBarge released their first album in 1981, The DeBarges. It wasn’t until 1982 however that thy achieved their first hit. In 1982 they released their second album, All This Love, and also the number 46 R&B single, “Stop! Don’t Tease Me.”

In1983, DeBarge released their next album, In A Special Way. The album produced many singles in 1983; “All This Love,” which climbed to number 17 in the US Top 100 and number 5 on the R&B, “I Like It,” which became a number 2 R&B single, and “Time Will Reveal,” Which was a US number 18 and number one R&B. Also in 1984 they released “Love Me in a Special Way,” which was a number11 R&B single and 45 on the US chart.

The final successful DeBarge album came in 1985 with, Rhythm of the Night. In 1984, they had four charting singles. The title track, was the most successful, reaching number 3 in the US, number 4 in the UK and number one in R&B. The next single was “Who’s Holding Donna Now?” In the US it reached number 6 and R&B number two.

DeBarge released one more album in 1987, Bad Boys. The album contained one single which didn’t chart, “Dance All Night.”

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