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David Lee Roth Artist Bio and Lyrics

David Lee Roth was born on October 10, 1953 in Bloomington, Indiana. He is best known for his work with the legendary Van Halen. However, in the 1980s Roth released some successful solo albums.

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David Lee RothLyrics California Girls
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In 1985, David Lee Roth released Crazy From the Heat. The EP rose to number 15 an contained the number 3 single, “California Girls,” which was Roth’s rendition of the classic Beach Boys song.

In 1986 David Lee Roth released his first full-length solo album. The album was acclaimed as a masterpiece. It was also released in Spanish. At the end of its road, the album finished at number four in the US. The album featured acclaimed guitarist Steve Vai on the single “Yankee Rose,” as well as many others.

David Lee Roth’s final album of the 1980s was in 1988 with, Skyscraper. It was the final album to feature Steve Vai as he left the band the next year. The album made it as far as number six on the US charts.

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