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Crowded House Artist Bio and Lyrics

Crowded House was a pop-rock band formed by New Zealand musician Neil Finn in Australia. Among their singles, “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” “Something So Strong,” “Better Be Home Soon,” and “Weather With You” are among their most well-known.

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The first Crowded House album came in 1986. The self-titled album seemed doomed until that summer when the band released the single, “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” The song became an instant international hit. The song reached number 2 in the US and earned the band, Best New Artist at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards. The self-title album also bore the number 7 single, “Something So Strong.”

Crowded House’s second and final album of the 1980s came in 1988 with, Temple of Lower Men. The album was the result of pressure on Neil Finn to produce an equally successful album. The album was a second-rate follow-up to their first album and accumulated poor album sales.

Crowded House released four more albums in the 1990s, in 1991 Woodface, in 1993 Together Alone, in 1996 Recurring Dream and in 1999 Afterglow. The band found some more success but not as much as in their early career.

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