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Commodores Artist Bio and Lyrics

The Commodores started circa 1968 and became a very successful funk/soul band between the 1970s and 1980s. The band had four top ten albums coming into the 1980s.

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The first album by the Commodores in the 1980s was Heroes. The album climbed up to number seven in the US and contained two top 40 singles. “Old-Fashioned Love,” was a number 8 R&B track and number 20 single in the top 100. The other single, “Heroes,” was number 54 track on the top 100.

The Commodores’ next album was, In the Pocket, it was released in 1981. The album contained the singles, “Lady,” and “Oh, No,” which were both top ten singles. They released their next album in 1983, Commodores 13. The album was considerably a let down to their commercial success; it only climbed up to 103 in the US, and bore only a number 54 single, “Only You.”

The Commodores regained some of their success in 1985 with their number 12 album, Nightshift. The title track became a number one R&B chart hit and a number 3 hit on the top 100.

The final album by the Commodores was also a letdown; United was released in 1986 and only made it as far as 101 in the US. The albums sole single was a number 3 R&B single but only made it up to number 65 in the hot 100.

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