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Chris DeBurgh Artist Bio and Lyrics

Chris de Burgh was born on October 15, 1948 in Argentina. The de Burgh bloodline can be traced back to King Richard the Lion Hearted. His most known success was the single, “Lady in Red.”

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Chris DeBurghLyrics The Lady In Red

Chris de Burgh’s first album in the 1980s was Eastern Wind in 1980. He had no notable hits until 1982. That year he released The Getaway. In 1982 he had the number 48 hit, “Don’t Pay The Ferryman.”

In 1984, Chris de Burgh released Man On the Line. The album climbed to number 11 and put forth the single, “High on Emotion,” which was a number 44 hit in the UK. De Burgh’s next album came in 1986, Into the Light. The first single, “Fire on the Water” was moderately successful, but the next single was his most famous. “The Lady in Red” was released in 1986, became a number one hit, and sent the album sale through the roof resulting in a number 2 album.

Chris de Burgh’s next album succeeded in being a number one album. Flying Colours was released in 1988; its most notable single was “Missing You,” which closed at number 3. To end his session in the 1980s, de Burgh released a greatest hits album in 1989.

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