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Cheap Trick Artist Bio and Lyrics

Hailing from Rockford, Illinois; Cheap Trick would release a series of successful albums starting in the seventies and on into the new millennium. They are commonly referred to as the first real pop-punk band, and started the foundations of a new genre of music.

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Cheap TrickLyrics The Flame
Lyrics Don't Be Cruel

Cheap Trick’s success really began with their second album, In Color which was supported by Epic Records. Following heavy touring, the album peaked at number 73 in the U.S. and achieved gold status in Japan. They packed out the Budokan and realized their major star status in Japan.

Cheap Trick released their third album, Heaven Tonight in 1978. It would illustrate for the whole world their catchy song constructions and high-energy style. The album would feature a live single of the song, “I Want You to Want Me.” It would become their first top ten hit, and they would release their last major success with their label, Dream Police in the same year.

Tom Peterson would leave the band in 1980 to work on another project. Following his departure, Cheap Trick released several unsuccessful albums until his reentry in 1988 under CBS records. They recorded Lap of Luxury, which would become platinum and a top 20. The album featured major hit ballad, “The Flame.”

Following these albums, Cheap Trick would have a rocky decade. They would be dropped by CBS Records, and had been signed to Warner Brothers. They would eventually recover and release more albums, but they would never mimic the success of their early albums.

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