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Chaka Khan Artist Bio and Lyrics

Chaka Kahn was born Yvette Marie Stevens on March 23, 1953 in Illinois. She has become well known mostly for her cover of the Prince hit, “I Feel For You.”

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Chaka KhanLyrics I Feel For You

Chaka Kahn’s first album of the 1980s was the second in her career. The album was titled, Naughty. It climbed to number 43 on US Pop charts and 6 on R&B charts. Unlike naughty, her next album, What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me,” achieved Gold level sales. The album climbed to number 17 in the US. Singles from the album included; “Any Old Sunday,” “We Can Work It Out,” and “What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me.”

The next charting Chaka Kahn album was self titled. Chaka Kahn rose to number 5 in the US R&B chart and number 52 for US Pop. The album produced two singles; “Tearing It Up,” and “Got To Be There.”

Chaka Kahn’s next album would be her most successful. I Feel For You was released in 1984 and contained her most recognized hit. The title track was a Prince cover and was the most remembered song in her career. This album was her only Platinum record.

Chaka Kahn would release several more albums before the end of the 1980s. Two albums, “Destiny,” and “C.K.” and a remix project titled, “Life is A Dance: The Remix Project.” Her most recent album was The Platinum Collection, it was released in 2006.

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