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Captain and Tennille Artist Bio and Lyrics

Captain and Tennille are made of husband and wife, Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille. The couple met in 1971 in San Francisco.

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Captain and TennilleLyrics Do That To Me One More Time

Captain and Tennille enjoyed fruitful success in the 1970s. They released the number one single, “Love Will Keep Us Together,” and top ten hits such as; “The Way I Want To Touch You,” “Lonely Night,” “Shop Around,” and “Musket Love.”

Captain and Tennille’s success in the 1980s was limited however. The duo only released one album to the US in the 1980s. In 1980 they released Keeping Our Love Warm. That year they released two singles that scraped the bottom of the top 50. “Love on a Shoestring,” which charted number 55, and “Happy Together,” which rose to number 53.

Captain and Tennille released two more albums after Keeping Our Love Warm in the US. The first of which came in 2002, More Than Dancing…Much More, and in 2006, The Secret Of Christmas.

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