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Brothers Johnson Artist Bio and Lyrics

The Brothers Johnson consisted of George Johnson and Louis Johnson. Their debut album, Look Out For Number One, was released in March 1976. The album became a number nine US album.

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Brothers JohnsonLyrics Stomp

The Brother Johnson released few singles in the 1980s before they spilt up in 1982. One of the singles, “Stomp!” Followed some popular singles in the late seventies such as, “I’ll Be Good To You,” “Strawberry Letter 23,” and “Ain’t We Funkin Now?” The single, “Stomp!” rose to number 7 in the US Hot 100 and number one dance and club play in 1980.

The members of the Brothers Johnson formed another band, Johnson Three Plus One. The band included their older brother and cousin. The band covered the Beatles’, “Hey Jude,” for the Musical Documentary, All This and World War II.

In 1981 the Brothers Johnson also had the Platinum album Right on Time. The single, “The Real Thing” rose to number 11 on the US Hot 100.

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