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Breathe Artist Bio and Lyrics

Breathe, formed in the early 1980s, enjoyed a short and brief success as an eighties band. The band hailed from London, England and began its early years as a six man jazz group, Catch 22.

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BreatheLyrics Hands To Heaven
Lyrics How Can I Fall?
Lyrics Say A Prayer

With the name change to Breathe, the band would lose two members and move on to record their most notable singles.

Breathe's first album, All That Jazz enjoyed a brief success, yielding Breathe’s major hits, “Hands to Heaven,” and “How Can I Fall?” Following the release of All That Jazz, Michael Delahunty (bassist) left the band. The three remaining would release thge Breathe album Piece of Mind in 1990 but it would prove mostly unsuccessful. After this lack of success, Breathe disbanded in later 1990.

Despite their short time, Breathe would release quite a few, moderately successful singles. “Don’t Tell Me Lies,” would reach number 77 in the U.K. they later released it however and it climbed to number ten in the U.S. and 45 in the U.K. Other singles, such as “Say a Prayer,” would arrive at number 22; but aside from these moderately successful singles few others made it to the top 50.

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