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Boston Artist Bio and Lyrics

Boston owes its beginnings to MIT graduate and Polaroid employee, Tom Scholz, who began recording tapes with his friend, guitarist Barry Goudreau and drummer Jim Masdea. Scholz would try and make his own equipment to break away from the confines of the day’s technology. Their first tapes, however, were rejected by most record companies, and Scholz moved to guitar and hired new singer, Brad Delp.

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The second set of tapes was recognized by Epic, Boston was signed and the label replaced Jim Masdea with Fran Sheehan. Their debut album Boston would be a decent success. They would tour the album with Black Sabbath in 1976 and would release their follow up two years later in 1978. Don’t Look Back, would only be half as successful as their debut and Scholz would be unhappy with the entire second side of the album.

Epic was becoming frustrated with the slow pace of Boston’s Tom Scholz. CBS, parent company of Epic filed a lawsuit claiming a breach of contract. Goudreau left the band and was replaced with Gary Pihl, and at the time of the lawsuit they were already in the studio working on the third album. Scholz raised money for the album by creating equipment and selling it to other artists. Following a leak of the song, “Amanda,” fans of Boston would begin anxiously anticipating the new album.

MCA bought Boston’s contract and released Third Stage, immediately releasing the first single, “Amanda,” in 1986. The album would be heavily publicized and prove a huge success. The albums successive tour would feature the album played from beginning to end and include several benefit shows. In 1990, the jury in a court would rule in favor of Scholz and he was rewarded $1.6 million.

Throughout the next twelve years (1990-2002) Boston would release two albums and a greatest hits compilation. They would also appear in a series of benefit shows. Rumors of another album on the way are confirmed in 2006 but have no set release date.

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