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Berlin Artist Bio and Lyrics

Hailing from Orange County, California, Berlin was an American New Wave band. Their first single, “A Matter of Time,” was released in 1980 on I.R.S. Records, but wasn’t a major success. It appeared on their debut Information.

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BerlinLyrics Take My Breath Away

Berlin’s next single, ”Sex,” was banned by many radio stations due to its graphic lyrics. Many people considered it a hit anyway. The single appeared on the EP, Pleasure Victim, released in 1982. The EP also featured the hit, “The Metro,” which would be covered by many bands such as System of a Down decades later.

Following Pleasure Victim, Berlin would release their first major chart climbing album. In 1984 they released Love Life, the album climbed to number 28 on the US charts and featured singles such as, “Dancing in Berlin,” and “Touch.”

When the Single, “Take My Breath Away” appeared on the Top Gun soundtrack in 1986, Berlin would find the pinnacle of their success. “Take My Breath Away” appeared on the album, Count to Three and Play, and the song would reach number 1 in the US and reach the top five worldwide.

In 1987 Berlin released Dancing in Berlin, but it bore no successful singles. Berlin would continue to release albums in shadow of their prior success until 2005.

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