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Babyface Artist Bio and Lyrics

Babyface was born Kenneth Brian Edmonds on April 10, 1958. Some of his most popular singles include, “I Love You Babe,” “Tender Lover,” and “It’s No Crime.” Although his most noted success happened in the early nineties, he began recording successful albums in the mid 1980s.

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BabyfaceLyrics It's No Crime

In 1986 Babyface released his first album, Lovers. This album produced the successful, “I Love You Babe,” which climbed to number 8 on the US R & B charts. Three years later in 1989, Babyface would have his most success.

In 1989 the release of Tender Lover, Babyface’s second album, would produce four chart topping singles. First, “It’s No Crime” which would rise to number 7 on the US charts and to number one on the R&B charts. The next single, “Tender Lover,” also climbed to number one on the R&B chart, however it wasn’t as successful as it only climbed to number 14. The album sold double platinum and would be the last and more successful of his 1980s releases.

Into the nineties, Babyface continued releasing albums, but at the same time he co-founded a successful record label, LaFace Records. The label produced albums for artists such as TLC, and Boyz II Men. Also, later into the nineties he would produce successful movies, Josie and the Pussycats, and Soul Food. He is also the executive producer of College Hill, a reality series on BET.

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