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Atlantic Starr Artist Bio and Lyrics

Atlantic Starr was formed in the late 1970s as a funk band in White Plains, New York. The band was formed by three brothers, David Lewis, Jonathan Lewis and Wayne Lewis. They also drafted several other members that year. Their early albums met with moderate success, but the nine piece band wouldn’t meet their real success until several years later.

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Atlantic StarrLyrics Secret Lovers
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Atlantic Starr’s early 1980s albums continued down the slightly funk path they began on. They released albums such as, Radiant, Brilliance and Yours Forever. In 1985 they released two chart climbing singles, “Silver Shadow,” and “One Love.” “Silver Shadow” would make it to number 41 in the UK charts.

Following a moderately successful year, Atlantic Starr released As the Band Turns in 1986. That year produced two more hits, “Secret Lovers,” and “If Your Heart Isn’t in It.” “Secret Lovers” made it to number 10 and “If Your Heart Isn’t in It” reached the top 50.

In 1987, Atlantic Starr’s fortune would change. The 80s band would make an attempt at crossing over to a more Adult Contemporary sound. The first single of this bold move would prove to overshadow all their success before and after. The 1987 hit, “Always” made it number 3 on the UK charts and would prove their biggest hit to date.

Atlantic Starr released a number of albums following All in the Name of Love which contained the single “Always.” Their most recent album, in 1994, produce one hit which arrived at number 36.

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