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Anne Murray Artist Bio and Lyrics

80's artist Anne Murray's first hit, "Snowbird" in 1970, made the top ten on the US, and was also a surprise country hit. Her first 80's hit was "Could I Have This Dance" from the movie Urban Cowboy in 1980.

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Anne MurrayLyrics Daydream Believer
Lyrics Broken Hearted Me

During 1970s and early 1980s, Anne Murray's hits included "Danny's Song" (1972), "A Love Song" (1973), a remake of the Beatles' "You Won't See Me" (1974), "The Call" (1976), "You Needed Me" (1978) (an American #1 single), "I Just Fall In Love Again," "Shadows in the Moonlight" and "Broken-Hearted Me" (all 1979),

Other Anne Murray hits include a remake of The Monkees' "Daydream Believer" in 1979, "Could I Have This Dance" from the movie Urban Cowboy, in 1980, "Blessed Are the Believers" (1981), "A Little Good News" (1983), and "Time Don't Run Out on Me" (1985)

Anne Murray's hits started to taper off in the middle 1980s. Her last top 100 charting pop hit was "Now and Forever (You and Me)" from 1986 (it hit the country charts at #1-she has 11 #1 country songs in all).

Anne Murray was a fixture for a while in Las Vegas. She is famous for signing million-dollar deals and even had a casino chip featuring her image.

Early in Anne Murray's career, she had a gig at the Troubador, where the now famous picture of her, John Lennon, Mickey Dolenz, Harry Nilson and Alice Cooper was taken.

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