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Anita Baker Artist Bio and Lyrics

At age 16, 80's artist Anita Baker was in a band called Humanity which included fellow high school friends and was playing with other local bands when she was approached by bass player David Washington of Chapter 8 to audition.

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Anita BakerLyrics Sweet Love
Lyrics Giving You The Best That I Got

In 1975, Anita Baker joined Chapter 8, the most popular group of Detroit at the time. Chapter 8 eventually got a record deal with Ariola. The self-titled album came out in fall 1979, there where 2 R&B chart singles on it "Ready for your love" and "I just wanna be your girl".

In 1981, Otis Smith, the man behind Chapter 8's contract, formed his own label Beverly Glen. Remembering Anita Baker's special voice, he got her telephone number from a Chapter 8 member and called her in 1982.

In 1983, Anita released her debut album The Songress. This album was a small success, which paved the way for a host of bigger things to come; two of the album's singles "Angel" and "No More Tears"Will You Be Mine"Feel The Need led R&B music lovers to Anita.

In the spring of 1984, Anita had 5 chart hits and was close to a gold record. However, there was no answer when she asked Beverly Glen records about a new album.

Anita Baker released her sophmore album, "Rapture" in 1986 on Arista Records. The song "Sweet Love" has proved to be the signature Anita Baker tune. "Rapture" has sold 6 million copies worldwide and earned Anita two Grammys.

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