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Al B. Sure! Artist Bio and Lyrics

Al B. Sure! enjoyed a brief career as one of new jack swing's most popular romantic singers during the late 1980's. Born in Boston and raised in Mount Vernon, NY, he listened to smooth crooners like Marvin Gaye and Johnny Mathis. Later, Al became interested in rap.

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Al B. Sure!Lyrics Nite And Day

In 1988 Al B. Sure!'s first album, In Effect Mode, was a platinum-selling hit. The single "Nite and Day," reached the Top Ten on the pop charts and topped the R & B charts for three weeks.

Al B. Sure's follow-up to "Nite and Day", "Off on Your Own (Girl)," was a number one R & B hit. He became a top star among urban audiences, but didn't remain a presence on the pop charts.

The second album from Al B. Sure, Private Times...and the Whole 9, was released in 1990. The sing "Misunderstanding," became another R & B number one hit. He also released a duet with Diana Ross called "No Matter What."

Al B Sure's third album release, 1992's Sexy Versus, wasn't as successful. He took a break from recording, and landed a vice president position at Motown.

Watch Al B. Sure's music video for Night & Day.

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