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Project 80's is your #1 source for information on the decade of the 80's. On this site you can find information on your favorite 80's music and lyrics, 80's TV shows, movies of the 80's, 80s classic video arcade games and news from the Reagan era.

On the Project 80's website you can hang out in the 80's discussion forum, play some cool 80's arcade games and browse all the best movies and TV shows from the first decade of the MTV generation. Looking for the 70's? - visit The 70's Project also!

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This Month in the 1980's
5/27/1984Manuela Manleeva wins 3 singles tennis matches in one day
5/20/1989Toonces The Cat takes the wheel on Saturday Night Live
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Michael Jackson Bio:
Michael Jackson Biography
Michael Jackson Bio

80s Movie DescriptionFull Metal Jacket - Behind the scenes of Vietnam War from a Marine’s perspective in this 80s movie. A two-part look at life of members of the Marine Corp in Vietnam....

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80s TV Television ShowsCoach - This 80's TV show is the story of Hayden Fox, head coach of a college football team. He lives and breathes for football, but his partner does not share his passion for the game....

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80s Music Artist BioThe Steve Miller Band - The ‘80s blues rock artist Steve Miller was born on the 5th of October 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Miller’s father was Dr. George “Sonny” Miller, a pathologist and music enthusiast. His mother, Bertha, was a jazz singer. The f...

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80s Video Arcade GamesMoon Patrol - In the classic 80's arcade game Moon Patrol you drive a moon buggy. Jump over craters, rocks and land mines, shooting at rocks in front of you and wierd aliens above you while dodging their ...

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Top 80's songs of month
» 1988 #8

Don't Be Cruel

Bobby Brown
» 1985 #6

Lonely Ol' Night

John Cougar Mellencamp
» 1982 #1

Jack And Diane

John Cougar Mellencamp
» 1982 #4

I Keep Forgettin' Every Time You're Near

Michael McDonald
» 1986 #1

When I Think Of You

Janet Jackson
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