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Project 80's is your #1 source for information on the decade of the 80's. On this site you can find information on your favorite 80's music and lyrics, 80's TV shows, movies of the 80's, 80s classic video arcade games and news from the Reagan era.

On the Project 80's website you can hang out in the 80's discussion forum, play some cool 80's arcade games and browse all the best movies and TV shows from the first decade of the MTV generation. Looking for the 70's? - visit The 70's Project also!

80's News Stories
This Month in the 1980's
2/16/1989Jane Fonda & Tom Hayden separate after 16 years of marriage
2/28/1988Anti-Armenian pogrom in Azerbaijan, 30 killed
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Project 80's Remembers 'The King of Pop'
Michael Jackson Bio:
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Michael Jackson Bio

80s Movie DescriptionThree Fugitives - This 80s movie tells us the story of Lucas (Nolte), once a criminal convicted for armed bank theft who finds himself hostage during the robbery of a bank by a novice and somehow inept thief...

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80s TV Television ShowsSmall Wonder - This 80's TV show sci-fi sitcom tells the story of Ted Lawson, who creates a robot named Vickie. The family tries to keep the fact their daughter Vickie is a robot a secret....

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80s Music Artist BioWham! - The 80s group Wham! started out in the first half of the decade. It was formed by Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael. For a while, they were known in the United States as Wham! UK because of a naming conflict with another group...

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80s Video Arcade GamesFrogger - This is a real classic, simple and addictive. Just help the frog to cross the street with heavy traffic...

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Top 80's songs of month
1983 #1

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Bonnie Tyler
1984 #7

On The Dark Side

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
1987 #1

Lost In Emotion

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
1983 #5

She's Sexy & 17

Stray Cats
1987 #2

Causing A Commotion

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